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Grand Chapel Studios

I recently photographed comedienne and actress Sassy Watkinson inside the rather wonderful Grand Chapel Studios, which is not only a shooting location available to hire but also primarily a recording studio for musical artists. Set in a beautiful renovated Chapel, the studios will also soon have refurbished rooms for clients to stay over in – nice! See for more details.



I’ve just watched the BBC documentary on fine artist and taxidermist Polly Morgan, part of the ‘What Artists Do All Day’ series and it’s really fascinating stuff. I love that at the end of a long day a dead bird she may be working on gets to lie beside her sandwiches in the her kitchen fridge for the night if she’s too tired to make it back out to the ‘work’ fridge/freezers! Watch it while you can.


The new series of Mad Men starts soon, but not soon enough! So I thought I’d share this little Rolling Stone nugget with you in case you too have been experiencing Don Draper withdrawal symptoms. Also afterwards, if you’re partial to a bit of GIRLS and are mourning the end of series 2, the second link is to a behind-the-scenes photoshoot with the mighty Lena Dunham. Enjoy.



©Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Lydia Bayliss

Singer / Song-writer Lydia Bayliss has her first album coming out very soon, for which I shot the artwork and press pictures over 2 days at Shoreditch Studios. I’m very excited to receive the finished body of work which I’m told is currently in the post to me, yesss! In the meantime, here is a short film of the test shoot I originally did with Lydia last August at Location 18.