Peaky Blinders

Absolutely loving the new beeb production of Peaky Blinders (Thursdays at 9pm on BBC2), so much so that I gobbled up 3 episodes in one go on the iplayer after cottoning on rather late to the new show. The cinematically epic opening actually stunned me and it’s continued to not disappoint. Not only that but with a soundtrack full of Jack White and Nick Cave, it was enough to make me barf a little with excitement and go searching through my music library with such a determination not seen in a while. Highly recommended viewing – just what we need after the close of AMC’s Breaking Bad. It will help to ease that loss a little…

There’s a host of info on which also lists the music featured in each episode – genius!


Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders, photo: BBC



The original ‘Peaky Blinders’, photo source:

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